Mirror in interior of your new apartment

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Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful here...? Mirror doesn’t have to serve only for admiring your beauty. You can improve design of your living room or for example optically add to the size of the room. If you are following current trends you know that mirrors are as well as glass dateless and suits pretty much every room not only bathroom. Apart from the fact that you can purchase various shapes and styles. If you are just furnishing your new place to live, try to put one mirror into your interior. You will not regret.

Optics doesn’t have to be a science

Mirrors reflect light and add to the space by its reflection. If you put them into darker narrow hall, it will instantly become lighter and cozier. New apartments in Prague are built in interesting space arrangements, which is at the expense of common furnishing and sometimes even light.

Therefore mirrors are great helpers which can supply light as well as space. Classis is replacing wardrobe door with mirror. You will use it not only for checking out your look. Every woman needs to check her outfit.

Purchase some design piece and amaze your visitors

Mirrors are available in various shapes. Also standing mirrors are very nice as they look romantic and are directly for bedrooms or closets. Also hanging mirrors with ironwork look romantic, light and can serve as interesting design accessories.

Also variously shaped mirrors which can be stuck on any flat surface are very modern. Also older Prague living can be turned into modern beautiful home where you will live nicely and will be interesting for your visitors.

Mirror as gate to a soul

Also regarding mirrors as well as other accessories there are some rules which need to be kept. Don’t place them opposite to window or door because the energy would escape, according to feng –shui.

Energy should always be directed into the apartment not outside. Properly placed mirrors can help you with noticing happening around you, for example during cooking. Development projects count with your individuality so you even a new apartment can be turned to your own liking.


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