Office at home or in an office center?

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Have you started to run a business and you need to create some base station? A place where you would meet your client and have quiet for your work? One of the options is to make an office right at your home. If it doesn’t seem as a good idea you can use services of an office center.

Home or office center?
OfficeIf you live in a small apartment it doesn’t make sense to even think about it. 

But if you live in a large house you can create full office in one of your rooms. It will surely be cheaper than looking for office for sale

However it is important to think about whether you want to have an office at home. For someone it is a great opportunity, for someone it might be a nightmare. For example imagine a mother on maternity leave who decided to start running a business. 

This kind of person surely won’t look for renting commercial spaces in Prague. At least not now because for her working from home is perfect.Otherwise it wouldn’t be even possible because she has to have her child nearby all the time. However there are also people who can’t focus on working from home and do everything else except for working.

What should the home office fulfill?

In the office you have to have quiet to be able to work and keep focused. Therefore it is necessary to find a non - walk through room with enough daylight. 

You would work best in a room with less accentuated colors such as blue, green or natural shades. Don’t forget about quality desk and especially chair which should be comfortable and positionable.

Why is office center good?

Renting offices in Prague offers also option of so called office center. Thanks to those you can get an office on a good address where clients would like to come meet you. Office in an office center can be rented even only for a shorter time. 

You can avoid paying rent years ahead. Also fixed price is an advantage. Thanks to that you can plan your costs and furnishing.


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