When you rent a small apartment

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Small apartments have several advantages. They are cheaper. Lately they also have been much more available than large apartments. On the other hand they have many disadvantages as well. Let alone the fact that you will have to get rid of some of your things, your furniture might not fit there. In small apartment you have to juggle many things. On the other hand when you master minimalism and get some tricks which will simplify your life you will then live as kings.

With furniture practicality should win
ApartmentsDo you like quality and massive furniture? It shouldn’t be placed in small apartments. The reason is material and construction as it is usually larger. Ply or laminated chipboard is better.

Enough of storage space is also very important. Therefore try to avoid separate pieces of furniture and focus on module furniture which will help you to assort the required space. It looks very interesting from design point of view. Another option is floor to ceiling built – in wardrobe.

Small apartments for rent are quite tricky but with proper furniture arrangement you can create perfect home where you won’t trip over yourself neither your things.

Tricks which aren’t boring

Folding table and chairs are also useful and practical. Smaller folding sofa will be appreciated by visitors who will want to sleep over. If the apartment has high ceiling you can also create built – in sleeping loft.

Underneath you can comfortable place wardrobes without losing precious space. Such Prague real estate is for example in Vršovice, Vinohrady, Smichov etc. There are very interesting apartments with great potential.

These apartments have acreage of 52m2 which isn’t a lot. For living room you should purchase table 2in1 where smaller coffee table is part of the larger one. You can unfold it for visitors otherwise it doesn’t take up too much space.

Small apartment, big mess

Small apartment often seem very untidy. This impression is usually made by open cupboards. Get door for them. Apartments for rent in Prague with smaller acreage don’t have to terrify you. Try to take it as challenge and you can conjure up perfectly harmonic space.


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